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Early Access Pre-Alpha Blood is Red




You are stuck on the island "Red Sand" your mates are died, your the last military to save the island, you are came to the island to saving for terrorists!
You must explore the strange island.
You have low ammo und only one scarred AK-47. Food have you also not.
You must find this! or you die. If you have luck, then you can find in Villages villager! You can help they and they help you! (Story is comming in next updates)

Thats your Story! Survive!


The Map is an island!
In the Game you can drive different Cars!
Find useable ammo!


Is this game in active development? -Sure! In future comming much thinks!

Can i Play all thinks what i can see in Trailer? yes! you can drive cars, findig ammo and killing enemys (at Moment)

Is the game open world? -Sure! you can do what you like!

What Things are planned in the future?

-Helicopter flying

-Boat driving

-eatable food

-drinkable Drinks

-more useable weapons

-bigger map

-bug fixes

When is the game out of early access? the release is planned end of 2017

Is the Price different to the full release Edition? -yes, the Price will be more after release!

When comming next updates? -next updates comming in next days! at first bug Fixing

VR Support? Yes!

Graphic assets from SyntyStudios

Please tell me Bugs if you find!


By feed : w-a-s-d + mouse shooting - left mouse button reload -R take ammo - left mouse button

Car : w-a-s-d lights -F drive - left mouse button go out of car -E

System Requirements:


DX: dx9

CPU: dual core @1,8 Ghz e.g. i3

GPU: 1Gb vram e.g. geforce GT 640

RAM: 2 Gb

MEM: 5gb


PrototypePlease accept bugs and tell me, if you find! performance patch are comming

Created by PilotLumpa

More information

Published55 days ago
Tags3D, Action RPG, cars, FPS, indie, low-poly, Shooter, Virtual Reality, vr
Player countSingleplayer


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@diamonder at Moment, you get only a key if u have buy the prototype here.

@diamonder maybe, ill make a contest of it come to steam.

if i have it on itch io when this game come into steam storecan i get it to steam for free

Surely! if its get greenlight and comw into the steam store ;D

Hi! I have this game on itch.io. Can i have a steam key, please? Thanks!

@dkkim at Moment its still a pre-alpha, updates are comming

What is This ...

Hey, please check out the greenlight page! :D


If Steam Key there perhaps will do play... ;)

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